This list shows the Ministry of Higher Education and projects aimed at improving the operation of the Egyptian Altahlmyhpaljamat


Seeks to assist and rehabilitate the Egyptian universities in the availability and flow of information in the electronic image through university information networks directly and fast and the development of new educational patterns and to achieve integrated automation of management and university educational process and the creation of the university community to deal with it through the router and continuing training


The project is working on the development of the capacities of the teaching staff and leaders working in higher education institutions in Egypt, including members help to keep up with the human element factor in the field of higher education to changes in the higher education systems in the world


The project is working on the preparation and qualification of technical personnel in a number of disciplines that serve the various economic sectors, the project is working on the development of technological colleges so that it works on working sectors of production and services, as well as young people in the surrounding environment who wish to develop their skills and get to practice the profession in different disciplines Licensing Service.


The project works to support higher education institutions, including the capacity to qualify for the establishment of quality and accreditation at the announcement of the establishment of the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation and the establishment of a national academic standards and means of measurement in line with international standards used to measure the quality of education systems assurance systems.