Secretary General Welcome Note:

Education is the way to promote the capacities and qualifications of human beings, which, in turn, is the core of the development and advancement of nations in an integrated context that is inseparable from the past and the future, directed by professors and scientists to promote higher education system. The Ministry of Higher Education since its establishment and according to its terms of reference is responsible of planning policies for higher education. The Supreme Council of Universities contributes to a significant role in this responsibly; the supreme council is considered one of the most important centers of strategic planning for academic and higher education through many decades. The activities and efforts of the Supreme Council of Universities continued with a view to activate the national plans and projects aimed at upgrading the basic components of the higher education system: (the educational institutions, the staff member, the student, the curriculum and the teaching methods) to be promoted to the class levels. As a result of this, we will have skilled graduates competitive with the local and global labor market, in addition to applying international quality systems applications to achieve the Egyptian Universities autonomy with the emphasis on the quality of higher education.